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      1. Core Business

        公司主要生產鍍鋅卷/鍍鋁鋅卷/彩圖卷/瓦楞板/鋁卷/馬口鐵/不銹鋼產品/鋼板 /鋼管/型材.
        Galvanized coil/Galvalume Coil/PPGI/PPGL/Corrugated Roofing Sheet/Aluminium Coil/Tinplate/Stainless Steel Products/Steel Plate/Steel Pipe/Steel Beam

        企業簡介 / About US

        企業簡介 / About US

        Company Main products :
        Hot Dip Galvanized Coil,PPGI Coil,Galvanized Corrugated Sheet,Color Corrugated Sheets,Tinplate,Corten Steel Plate,Wear Plate,Ship Plate,Steel Pipe and Stainless Steel Products.
        Company Organizational Structure:
        Quanlong Group having three factories ,one trading company and one international Logistics Company . Company name meaning:
        Company quality such as spring - and trustworthy and transparent.
        The company business, such as spring. The long, long.

        Product Display

        The company has advanced equipment and advanced technology. Successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system, and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The products are mainly used in color TV, refrigerator car, household appliances and military and civilian building materials, agricultural light steel structure, sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, East and the Middle East.

        聯系我們 / Contact US
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        Headquarters Of Heng Steel:
        Branch Company:Qingdao Hengjia Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

        HQ Add:138No.,Dunhua Road,Shibei Dis., Qingdao,China

        HQ Tel: +86-0532-85650417

        HQ Email:qlmetal@quanlongmetal.com