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        Cold Rolled Steel Coils

        SPCC cold rolled steel coil 1)ProductNa

        SPCC cold rolled steel coil

        1) Product Name: Cold rolled Steel Coil/sheet/strip

        2) Thickness: 0. 4 mm- 3 .0mm

        3) Width: 600mm-2000mm

        4) Length: As requested

        5) Width tolerance: different as per different width

        6) Thickness tolerance: different as per different thickness

        7) Weight: According to the different requirement

        8) Packing: Mill standard export packing in bundles

        9) Country of Origin : China

        10)Standard: AISI, ASTM29, DIN16723, EN10130, JIS, GB

        11)Grade: SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, SPCH, ST12-15, DC01-06,  Q195A-Q235A

        12)Width: 600-2000mm (general width: 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm)


        1.For the further producing of hot dip galvanized steel products

        2.Auto manufacture, Oil drum, Transformer's tank panel, Furniture etc.

        14)Packing: Strapped with min three strapping strips, covered by anti-water paper and plastic film, fixed on the iron or wooden pallets by strapping strips and covered by plastic bag to prevent damage from

        15) Payment term: L/C, T/T

        16)Delivery date: 15-30 days

        17)General Specification:





        Main applications

        Commercial quality



        Commercial quality suitable for bending fabrication and simple forming; this is thetype in greatest demand.

        Refrigerators, cabinets, power distribution baords and drums.

        Drawing quality


        Drawing quality second only tothat of SPCEN. Excellent uniformity.

        Automobile floor and roof panels.

        Deep-drawing quality



        Deep-drawing quality.With metallurgically controlled grain size, it retains its beautiful finish even after being deep-drawn.

        Automobile fenders and quarter panels

        Extra deep-drawing quality


        Extra-low-carbon steel sheets with highest workability

        Automobile internal panels and deep-drawn parts


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