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        Color Coated PPGI Steel Coil with Film

        Color Coated PPGI Steel Coil with Film


        Qingdao Quanlong Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

        We are one of the leading steel prodcuts manufacturer and distributor from China which have been engaging in the field sales for 15 years with 12 years export experience.

        Our main products cover Galvanized Steel Coil,Galvanized Steel Sheet, Galvanized Roofing Sheet,Galvalume Steel Coil, Galvalume Steel Sheet, Galvalume Roofing Sheet,Prepainted Steel Coil, PPGI, PPGL,Corrugated Roofing Sheet,Steel Strip,Tinplate etc...

        About thePrepainted Steel Coil,we have five color coated production lines, can be covered and sub-strip, and can produce printing and embossing, according to RAL color card production double-sided color coated and single-color coated steel coil.

        Looking forward to establish a gos relationship long tern bisiness with you!

        Name Prepainted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel Coils
        Type of 
        Hot dip galvanized, Galvalume, Electro galvanized,Zinc alloy, Cold rolled 
        steel, Aluminium
        Thickness 0.12-1.20mm
        Tolerance Thickness: ± 0.01mm
        Width 600-1250mm  ( Normal:1250, 1200,1000,914 mm)
        Top Paint 10-25 micron(Normal:10-12mic)
        Back paint 5-12 micron(Normal:5-7mic)
        Coating Zn coating AZ coating
        30-400gsm 30-400gsm
        Coil weight 3-9 tons or as your requirement.
        ID 508/610 mm
        Grade Galvanized Galvalume
        SGCC/DX51D+Z, DX52D+Z, 
        DX51D+AZ, DX52D+AZ, DX53D+AZ,
        Coating type Top paint: PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF, PU
        Functions: Decorative, Machinability, Weather resistance, Scrath 
        resistance, Stain resistance, Chemical resistance, Adhesion resistance
        Primer paint: Polyurethane, Epoxy, PE
        Functions:Machinability, Corrosive resistance, Adhesion, Scrath 
        Back paint: Epoxy, Modified polyester
        Functions: Scrath resistance, Bending adhesion, Corrosive resistance
        Type of 
        Front: Doulbe coated & double drying
        Back: Double coated & double drying, single coated & double drying
        Double coated & double drying is used for corrugated sheet
        Double coated & single drying is for sandwich panel
        Packing Standard export package .Plastic film in the first layer,second layer is Kraft
         paper. Third layer is galvanized sheet.
        Application Building industry ,structural use, roofing, commercial use ,household 
        appliance, industry facilities, office buildings


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