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        Color Corrugated Sheet

        commodity Color Corrugated Steel Sheet

        commodity   Color Corrugated Steel Sheet 
        Techinical Standard:       JIS G3302-1998,       EN10142/10137,     EN 10169
        grade SGCC, DX51D  /    DX52D  / S250, 280GD
        Types:     For general  /    drawing    use 
        Thickness 0.15-0.8mm
        Zinc coating 60-275 g/m2 
        Spanglet: No/ small/ big regular
        Surface treament: Chromed passivation, anti-finger print, skinpassed
        Sheet weight: 3-5MT
        Profile model:   YX14-65-825/ YX18-76.2-836 / YX14-63.5-825 /
        YX35-125-750 / YX15-225-900 /  YX10-125-875 /
        YX12-110-880 / YX25-210-840 / YX25-205-820(1025)
        Package:         Properly packed for ocean freight exportation  in 20' ' containers
        Application: Roof, walls, internal and external decorating materials, building etc
        Price terms FOB, CFR, CIF
        Payment terms 20%TT in advance+80% TT or irrevocable 80%L/C at sight
        delivery time within 20 days after recepit of deposit
        Remarks Insurance is all risks
        MTC  will be handed on with shipping documents
        We accept SGS certificatation test

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