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        GI Corrugated Sheets

        Introduction: 1) Standard:JIS3312,JIS G33



        1)       Standard:JIS3312,JIS G3302,JIS G3321,ASTM A653,ASTM A792


        2)       Material: SGCC ,CGCC,SPCC


        3)       Thickness: 0.14mm- 0.8mm.


        4)       Width:600-1250mm.


        5)       AZ/Zinc coating :Z 60g-275g/m2


        6)       Length:1000-12000mm or as per requirement


        7)       Spangle: minimized spangle, zero spangle, regular spangle, big spangle.


        8)       Surface treatment: Passivated(chromated),oiled or HDG anti-finger treatment, color painted, protection film cover


        9)       Packing:plastic paper and  kraftpaper first ,then tie by steel strap and  plate together.




        1)       High strength


        2)       Waterproof


        3)       Light weight


        4)       Easy installation


        5)       Anti rust




        Features: 1) Roll formed by roll forming machines, the thickness and color can be different 2) Easy installation 3) High strength 4) More economic (low cost) 5) They are widely use as the wall or roof of factory, warehouse, garage,  exhibition center and cinema 6) Raw materials: Cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, galvanized pre-painted  sheet and aluminum sheet 7) A fluted profile makes it suitable for many applications where flat sheet would not normally be considered. The longitudinal flutes provide rigidity along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width... 8) Used on exterior and interior walls, roofs and soffits and on straight or curved surfaces with flutes horizontal or vertical.


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